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Coastal Tug Boat

10-40 ton bollard pull capacity steel body tug boat

Dumb Barge

400-1500 Metric Ton deck loading capacity


Steel body Ro-Ro ferri capable of carrying both passengers and vehicles

General Cargo Vessel

800-3000 DWT capacity steel body general cargo vessel

House Boat

20-30 persons capacity steel body non propelled house boats can be used both for entertainment and acommodation support for workers

Iron (Brand name) Solar electric catamaran

Products originating from Bangladesh GPF catamaran dual hull electric catamaran vessel for sheleterd waters and lakes.

Jib Crane

4-5 ton capacity steel body zib crane.

LPG Bottle Carrier

8000 LPG cylinders carrying capacity

Oil Tanker

800-3000 DWT capacity steel body oil tanker

Passenger Vessel

50-200 passengers capacity steel body vessel